Cellular Warfare: Competing for the Highest Bid & Technology Essay

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Cellular Warfare:

Competing for the Highest Bid & Technology

(Investigating Stock Quotes & Financial Positing)

Odettia A. Newsome

FIN 534
Financial Management
Quarter: Summer 2007
Instructor: Dr. Brian Cornforth

Cellular Warfare: Competing for the Highest Bid and Technology

Cellular companies are constantly competing for the high number in sales and the latest advances in technology. In order to do this they must find their target market and offer them new and inventive ways to accommodate their lives in order to make it easier for the average consumer. Once this is defined, they must then again fine inventive ways to persuade their audience that what they have to offer is better
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This shows that the company is doing fairly well on just by reviewing their numbers against their competitors Qwest Communications Int., Sprint Nextel Corp., and Verizon Communications Inc. Their debt to income ratio is not on a strong stand point. The company over all debt over powers their total net income by 15%. This is due to the high churn that the company experience when customer take their accounts and business to other competitors. The company cash flow statement tells a different story. The cash flow statement shows the company is spending more than what they are brining in. AT&T long term debt gives the impression that the company is spending more than what they are bring in. This could be the result of to the company over all change from Cingular ® in 2006. The company is spending more to upgrade their retail stores, cross train their employees and changing their over all image. With this change it is apparent that the change has a huge effect on their over all stock for the company.
On a competitive scale, AT&T has the lead in market capital, the largest number of employees, operator margins and in quarterly revenue growth. This could give the company the upper hand over the competitors. The question becomes will the company increase their stock options, and their revenue potential with the new merger and will the company end of the

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