Cellphones Essay

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Alexandria Chandler
Professor McWilliams
English 1010
September 17, 2015
Is It Worth It?
Cell phones can make our life a bit more complicated. This amazing but of technology can work against you. Discussions pertaining to the drawbacks and negatives of cellphones are rarely ever talked about. Even though cell phones can be very useful in our everyday lives, they can also be irritating, annoying, and dangerous.
This first occurrence happened one evening my freshman year of college at Austin Peay State University. I attended an event at the Mass Communications building. My younger cousin performed at the program with a few others representing her school. It was practically her big day because she was conducting a solo. Her specific
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The older lady, in front of me was so occupied in her conversation that she was not paying attention to the server’s questions about her food. It drove me insane and the woman who worked there saw my displeased face. The look on her face signaled to me that she was deeply sorry, and continued to quickly take her order. Long story short, she got her food and so did I. I just hope to never run into her again.
This last incident was the most dangerous of all. It occurred my junior year of high school. I was on my way home from a party. Usually, I don’t like driving late at night because I am very skeptical about my driving skills, but it was my best friend’s birthday, so I wanted to be present. I drove home around ten o clock. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I was going over the speed limit. As I was going through a green light, I saw very bright headlight advancing towards me from the right side. By that time I advanced towards the right, it was already too late, the driver had already passed the red light and crashed her car right into mine. Through the exchange of legal documents and stories, the police told me that the driver answered a text message and had not bothered to look up. Either way, I was glad everyone was ok and I was happy to be alive.
I hope these particular episodes shed some light on the setbacks and negatives of cellphone use during everyday life. Although they can cause irritation, they can

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