Cellphones : A Teaching Tool Or A Distraction? Essay examples

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Cellphones in School: A Teaching Tool or a Distraction?
Cellphones have become the “norm” in our society. Almost everyone has a cellphone, more commonly a smartphone. Smartphones allow their users to vast amounts of information right at ones fingertips. Smartphones also allow the user to communicate instantaiously with their closest friends and loved ones through calling, text messaging, and various forms of social media. Smartphones have become apart of our daily lives and us, from the work place to classroom.
Are smartphones in the classroom a good thing or are they a bad thing? What are the concrescences of allowing students to use them in the classroom, both positive and negative consequences? I think like any good thing in this world, we need to exercise moderation in all things. Smartphones can be quite the versatile tool for students, but it can also be a total distraction at the same time. This paper will serve the purpose of explaining the strengths of using smartphones in the classroom but in the end, how they are a total distraction.
In the modern world of constant connectivity, students are more connected to the Internet and have access to a vast library of information than they ever have before. All of this information is readily available right at ones fingertips. Technologies such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are commonly found in classrooms, and even required to do the work the teacher prescribes to the student. Eric D. Ragan, Samuel R. Jennings,…

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