Cell Protein Structure Of Cadherin Essay

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Role of E-Cadherin in Cancer
Gene/ Protein Structure of Cadherin
The CDH1 (human epithelial (E-cadherin) resembles the chromosome 16q22.1.1 and was first isolated in full length using the recombinant lambda phage, P1 phage as well as cosmid phage clones. The CDH1 gene comprises of 16 exons with a span is of ~100 kb. The exons range from 115 to 2245 bp. Further analysis shows that CDH1 to contain 15 distinct introns ranging from 120 bp (4th intron) to 65 kb (2nd intron). The intro-exon interphases are conserved highly as opposed to the other known classical cadherins. Later it was discovered that the introns 1 a 5’; that contains a high density CpG island and was thought take part in regulation of gene transcription process. The island extends over a region covering exon 1 all the way to the second exon in the E-cadherin gene of human. Other exons do not possess such features for instance the biggest exon 16 that has 2245 bp (Berx G).
Figure 1: The structure of E-Cadherin gene Note that, the figure above is an illustration for the genomic components found in CDH1 gene in human. The colored boxes represent the positions of the exons and each base partner number in each exon. The introns are indicated as the connection lines. The region from1 all through to the 2nd one is a series of ~1500 bp. This is the high density CpG island that was mentioned earlier.
Using the technology of fluorescent in situ hybridization…

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