Cell Process Essay

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Cell Processes: Photosynthesis
Part 1: Pigments in Plant Leaves
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to visualize the pigments present in plant leaves by using paper chromatography.
Materials Used: Chromatography vial with cap, wax pencil, disposable transfer pipet, chromatography solvent, chromatography paper strip, sharp pencil, ruler, pair of scissors, piece of fresh pre-soaked spinach, coin, pair of forceps.
Observations and Data: Distance of Pigments From Original Pencil Line | | Pigment | Color | Migration Distance (mm) | Rf Value | | Carotene | Orange | 59 mm | .94 | | Xanthophyll | Yellow | 56 mm | .89 | | Chlorophyll a | Light Green | 29 mm | .46 | | Chlorophyll b | Dark Green | 14 mm | .22 |
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How does each parameter have bearing on the reactions of photosynthesis?
Temperature, if the temperature is too the rate of photosynthesis will decrease and as the temperature increase the rate of photosynthesis will increase as well. But if the temperature gets too hot the enzymes begin to lose their shape (denature) thus they are unable to function properly and the rate of photosynthesis decreases again. pH, the pH level effects the enzymes in the plant cells because if the pH level of the enzymes gets too acidic or too basic it would shut off and no longer help carry out the chemical reactions in the cell, including photosynthesis. Intensity of the light, light is a limiting factor without it photosynthesis cannot occur and increasing amount of light results an increase in photosynthesis. Amount of CO2, CO2 is the essential part in photosynthesis, it’s the raw material. 5. What might happen if you were to remove all light from the setup after the discs have all become buoyant? Describe what you would see. Explain why this would occur with relation to cellular processes like respiration.
There would be a substantial drop in the rate of photosynthesis, and cellular respiration would take over and the plants would have to use the available oxygen and glucose that was produced by photosynthesis. Due to cellular respiration the production of carbon dioxide would occur thus causing the discs to sink.
Part 2: Rate of Photosynthesis in leaves

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