Cell Phones While Driving Essay

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While driving, using a cell phone can make the task very dangerous. Talking or sending a message to someone on the phone limits one's ability to have full control over the car. I strongly agree with the law that prohibits driving while using a handheld cell phone. The roads must be as safe as possible for anyone driving or riding in a motorized vehicle. Others may disagree with the law, because they feel that one should have the right to make an important phone call, given the circumstances. However, a phone call can wait when it comes to the safety of those on the road. Regardless of the circumstances, no message can be worth risking the lives of others. One reason this law is necessary is that drivers who are using a cell phone have less control over the car. …show more content…
Another reason I agree with this law is that any driver using a cell phone is not giving the undivided attention needed to drive safely. Rather than paying attention to the road, a person talking on the phone is diverting his or her attention elsewhere. Not paying attention to the road is careless driving and can cause an accident. For example, a driver looking down to text will not see that he is about to drive right into a car. Finally, the most important reason that cell phone use should be illegal when driving is that the safety of everyone on and off the road comes first. No phone call or message will ever be more important than the lives of other people. Cell phone use can make a dangerous environment on the road by halting the safety of one driving a motorized vehicle. For example a pedestrian might be killed due to the inability of the driver caused by a cell phone distraction. Was it worth receiving a message to kill someone? The law prohibiting cell phone use while driving is a necessary and justified law. A phone call or a text can wait, however, lives can only be spent once. The best way to ensure road safety is to eliminate

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