Essay on Cell Phones Should Be Used As A Tool Of Education

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Cell Phones Should Be Used as a Tool of Education Nowadays, a modern society thrives with the advance of technology for improvement of not just people, but the entire nation. Thus, the development of cell phones is considered as one of the best demonstrations of the maturation society. Current cell phone functions provide users many benefits with instructional features and applications, which motivate people’s learning and create a more convenient condition for relaxation and communication. It can be easily observed that a proliferation of students are using cell phones every day. They use these devices to bolster their studying that involves researching information, taking photos, using audio files on the internet, and checking email. However, cell phones are not always good for students to use because they can be misused for a different purpose, such as, for cheating and distracting students from lessons. When students use cell phones in the right way, these devices can be the most effective tool to bolster their studying. The first benefit of cell phones is that students have easy “access to course material” whenever. In Cell Phones in the Classroom: Teachers’ Perspectives of Inclusion, Benefits, and Barriers, Thomas et al state, “One of the best features of cell phones is their ability to support multitasking through accessing course material” (297). Course material on the internet is information out of the book that bolsters students learning to get more information…

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