Cell Phones Should Be Illegal Essay

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Is it Fair for Phone Usage to be Illegal While Driving? The use of cell phones, even while driving, help us a ton. Without them, how would we get turn by turn directions and know where to go or how to get somewhere? Also, how would we tell our friends that we are five minutes away and they need to be ready? I mean after all, it’s not that dangerous, is it? There’s plenty of people that are able to multitask and use their phone while driving and they still make it home just fine! Plus, you just have to reply to your best friend right away to catch up on the latest gossip, or even find the closest gas station to use the restroom. If you didn’t look it up on your phone, how else would you know being in an unfamiliar area? These are the questions and …show more content…
Is it fair for phone usage while driving to be illegal? Should being on your phone at all while behind the wheel be banned? The answer to that is yes, but with some guidelines and certain privileges. Phone usage while driving is and should be illegal. There should be few exceptions though. Exceptions such as being on your phone while your vehicle is in park and calling someone, but using a Bluetooth speaker on your ear or the radio to talk through so that your hands are still on the wheel. Texting while driving or any phone usage while driving is extremely dangerous and without laws against it, we continue to put ourselves as well as others at risk. There are a lot of people out there that really don’t know the dangers of this and continue to do it. There are also people out there that think they are experienced enough to multitask and drive while being on their phones. If we set laws against that in every state for every age in America, people will become more aware of the dangers and put their phones down to drive. Some may not know the dangers, but it could at least give them the risk factor of knowing they could get pulled over and fined for being on their phone behind the

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