Cell Phones Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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These days, technology is evolving quicker than we think. Consequently, our society is driven by these innovative inventions to make our lives easier. One of the most popular and influential inventions are cellphones. Ever since cell phones have been invented, people have never looked back. Our ways of communicating and thinking has changed entirely to the point that people claim they cannot live without one. This review will demonstrate how mankind has grown an indefinite attachment with cellphones. Taking a closer look at the cell phone popularity development, critical debates as well as significant improvements will be discussed.
A Mobile Beginning
Cell phones have evolved throughout the years from the inventions of newer models. Starting from the beginning of its development, the first wireless mobile phone was introduced by “the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) after World War II. To service an area, there was only one radio service tower (2015, Driscoll Walter). It was very limiting concerning the low reception and the short amount of users of twenty or less per district. Police departments were the main users because these phones costed thousands of dollars (2015, Driscoll Walter). Back in the day, people were still not familiar with these new innovative inventions.
This changed later in 1985, Motorola and AT&T had more than 340,000 cell phone subscribers with wireless service. Forwarding to 1992, the United States had already millions of cell phone…

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