Essay on Cell Phones : Harmful Or Helpful

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Cell Phones: Harmful Or Helpful

Technology is usually viewed as an amazing thing that benefits everyone ("How Technology Helps Us in Our Daily Lives.”). The truth is that while technology may give us easier access to information and communications it has negatively impacted our society. The cell phone is a technology that has become increasingly popular and more advanced in recent years. With the increase in their popularity, cell phones have not only negatively affected people’s health, but also their everyday social skills. The impact of cell phones can be most acutely felt during a person’s late teens to their early adult life. In the United States, 97% of adults have a cell phone, 78% teens have one too, and of those who have cell phones, 56% of adults own smartphones while 47% of teens have smartphones ( ). Of these people who have phones how much time is being wasted per day using them? Now take a minute to think about the number of times you check your phone every day. It might be a number like thirty, forty, even fifty. According to new research conducted by British psychologists with people ranging from ages 18-33, they suggest you take your number you came up with and double it, and then you might be getting close to the number of times you check your phone in a single day. It is thought that adolescences, teens, and young adults check their phone anywhere from 80 to upwards of 150 times per day, while older adults tend to check their phones 40 to 60 times per…

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