Cell Phones, Devastation And Relationships Essay

1005 Words May 7th, 2015 null Page
Cell Phones’ Devastation to Relationships The devastation that cell phones perpetrate on relationships is astronomical. No longer a dance of seduction, dating has become a ring or vibration on a cell phone. Marriages and long-term relationships have allowed the cell phone to become the third “person” in the room. Causing a distance over time, which may not be restored. Relationships, new or old, die when the two committed people stop talking. Cellphones have changed the way society in the twenty-first century runs on a daily bases from the screeching alarm waking people up in the morning to the friendly birthday reminder. With regard to relationships, cellphones devastate the bonds and intimacy involved in dating, marriage, and long term relationships.
Instead of taking the time to recognize the chemistry and the bonds between two people, dating has become instant gratification due to unlimited access to each other. Researchers at Pew Research Center, provide analysis of trends influencing America and the world, the center’s rigorous practical research because the center is strictly neutral. In 2014 Pew research shows that, 90% of unmarried adults and 98% of teenagers between the ages of fourteen and eighteen in America have cell phones. The volume of cell phone users has increased in both unmarried adults and teenagers by more than 50% since 1999. This massive increase in cellphones transformed dating drastically in the past fifteen years. Pew…

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