Essay about Cell Phones Cause Chemical Processes

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The radiation-induced cell phones cause chemical processes in the body may cause damage.
The Cell phone is the most common device in the world. The majority of people use cell phones. People who want to communicate with others can use cell phone to do that. Using a cell phone is a very important thing in people’s live. In addition, there are many ways to contact people who don’t live in the same house or same area by cell phones and computers. In these days, it is significant for everyone to have a cell phone. Moreover, it is very important to communicate easily with friends and families no matter where they are. Also, cell phones have been peaked throughout the world. Todays, cell phone is very helpful for people’s business a lot such as organize their schedule, looking for internet and communicating with their companies. Therefore, some people use a cell phone as factor to make their live relax or enjoyable by playing video games or listening to music. Moreover, cell phones make the life closer than in the past. For example, people can make a voice or video call wherever they want and at a cheap price. If people compare between these days and in the past, they will know the differences of communication. In addition, cell phones make an important effect on the social life of people. On these days, cell phone is very useful for everyone. Some people don’t know how they can use cell phone as well as they should be. On the other hand, most of people keep in touch with other…

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