Essay Cell Phones As Educational Tools

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Cell Phones as Educational Tools
Many times this year composition one students have needed to use their cell phones for educational purposes, but school rules prevented us. Composition one is a class that requires the engagement of technology. What do students do when the computer lab is overbooked, and they cannot get to a computer to research a given topic? Typically, students would use the resource that is at their fingertips: the cell phone. In today’s world, over half of the young adolescent population have cell phones, access to the World Wide Web. According to “Using Cell Phones in the Classroom”, in 2006 only nineteen percent of computing devices were mobile. Now that number has skyrocketed to a whopping fifty seven percent (Curriculum Review1). Therefore, I stand against any rule that forbids the use of cell phones, for they are more than communication devices.
To begin, cell phones can be used as teaching tools in various different ways. For example, my math teacher could use a cell phone as a calculator or to look up how to solve a problem when he/she cannot help at the moment. A science teacher may want you to lookup a formula that is not in the book. “Using Cell Phones in the Classroom” states that Ninth-grade English teacher Judy Pederson allows students to text during assignments as long as they are using Standard English when doing so (Curriculum Review 1). Another reason cell phones can be educational tools is a free Web tool called…

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