Cell Phones Are An Everyday Device Essay

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Essay #3 Cell phones are an everyday device. “The number of student- and teacher-owned devices has grown over 3,000” (Schachter 28). These devices can be a blessing and a curse but are extremely helpful and convenient. Many students have a working and functional cell phone. Information is streamed to people as fast as the server will allow, and fast is an understatement. “High school, middle school, and even elementary school students in a growing number of districts are being encouraged to bring in the very electronic equipment they were once admonished to leave at home” (Schachter 28). They also are a distraction in some ways. Students getting distracted in a classroom has always been a major concern for teachers. If schools would allow a “bring your own device” (BYOD) program, students nowadays might have an incentive to learn. GMC (Georgia Military College) should adopt a “bring your own device” program because it will improve the students’ strive to learn, provide faster access to information, and eliminate excuses for not completing or turning in assignments. Setting a book in front of this generation’s students is asking for a class to fall asleep or become extremely uninterested. Students are becoming lazy and uninterested in school and even everyday life. Many people are technologically based, and the world revolves around new technology and ways to use it. When using the “bring your own device” program in not as costly as buying all new computers. “These tech…

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