Cell Phones And The Cell Phone Essay

1180 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
Introduction Students are more than just attached to their cell phones. Cell phones are owned by approximately 96% of all undergraduates and they provide a constant distraction that rarely leaves the side of their user (Smith, Rainie & Zickuhr, 2011). A study conducted by Junco & Cotten (2012) surveyed “over 1649 college students and found that they (students) spend 97 minutes a day texting, 118 minutes searching the Internet, 41 minutes on Facebook, 49 minutes emailing, and 51 minutes talking on their cell phone.” Since so many students spend such a vast amount of their time on cell phones, it is understandable that they become attached to their phones. This attachment to their cell phones creates an atmosphere filled with a never-ending demand on their attention (Junco & Cotten, 2012). This demand for student’s attention can weigh heavily upon their general well-being, possibly affecting their level of anxiety when they are not allowed to touch their cell phone. Lepp et. al (2013) believes “there is growing evidence that college students’ cell phone use is negatively associated with academic performance as well as mental and physical health.” In this study, the relationship between performance and anxiety will be assessed, in addition to how addiction effects those two variables. Cellular Phone Addiction As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming challenging for student’s to detach themselves from their cell phones and completely concentrate on…

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