Essay on Cell Phones And Laptops Are Not Just A Luxury Or Facility

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For the Information Age youth, cell phones and laptops are not just a luxury or facility; they are requirement, required not only for work and school, but for survival. Digital technologies have been an important part of everyday life of many people. Usage of different communication services has increased over the time and it keeps increasing. In his article, “Convergence Culture,” Henry Jenkins describes the term convergence as an interaction between the traditional form and “interactive new media.” Jenkins describes interactive new media as constantly developing and spreading amongst multiple media platforms. Rapid enhancements in communication technologies have led to effortless communication and interaction across the globe; these improvements have led to a greater and constant consumption of new media platforms. In a study by ICMPA, “Students Addicted to Social Media,” the results have shown that American students addicted to social media. In the study, students have reported their personal experience while using the social media that without their media device or service they were cut off from the world. By in large, human beings have developed a dependency on constant communication methods provided by new interactive media. The rapid development of communication and technology has led to an interaction between new multiple media platforms with older media contents. Jenkins describes the interaction between various media as, “By convergence, I mean the flow of content…

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