Cell Phones And Its Impact On Society, Technology, And Future

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Police utilizing technology
Andrew Bond – 2366
Catherine Wareham
Thursday, November 24, 2016

From where your sitting right now, if your cell phone were to ring, vibrate, or make a sound how long would it take you to have it in your hand? 30 seconds? A minute maybe? Cell phones are all around us. Police are utilizing technology to solve a crime and to help potential victims with the use of cell phones and cell phones can be a good tool for police work. Buying cell phones can help stop door to door and make things faster for the police. By sending out mass text messages, faster communication though police officers, citizens, and social media. In this day and age people normally always have their cell phones with them ether using them for texting, talking, taking pictures, and videotaping, which could help an officer solve a crime. Cell phones are making a huge impact on society, technology, and the future. It will just keep on improving by, getting better and faster.
Police officers being able to use cell phones for a case also able to send out mass text messages to potential eye witnesses might be able to help solve a crime. Also by sending out a mass text messages it could be faster than going door to door and asking questions. Going door to door and asking questions could be time consuming and some people may not be home. The only downside with sending out text messages and not going door to door, is that when an officer goes door to door to…

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