Essay on Cell Phones And Its Effects On The World

1714 Words Nov 9th, 2015 7 Pages
Cell phones are have been in this world for a very long time now. Without a cell phone people would not know how to communicate with other people or get in touch with someone faster if there was an emergency. People should not think cell phones are dangerous because they are a part of a lifesaver. Having a cell phone are one of the main reasons of trying to make it throughout the whole day. Statistics show that these cell phones are actually put into good use and are not harmful. These cell phones are very popular electronics to purchase and in some cases they are produced to replace house phones so that they can be taken around with someone anywhere they go. People have also noticed how these phones have been becoming more technologically advanced. This is because with most cell phones you can take pictures, make videos, and also get on the Internet. Most teenagers, even younger children, have started to own cell phones around this time as the years past by. The most interesting things that could happen with these cell phones are unstoppable because they can answer questions on a search engine and even tell how the weather will be and throughout the rest of the week. Parents, teachers, teenagers, and many other people around the world have to keep in mind about the positive and negative reasons for children of different ages having their own phone before trying to allow them to use the cell phone on their own. A cell phone is just like a bestfriend to people when it comes…

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