Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

987 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
In the twenty-first century, technological advances happen almost every day. Technology has improved so much in the past 10-20 years let alone the past 100. In just the past decade people have become more reliant on technology, and even more on cell phones. At first, cell phones were just an easier mobile communication device to let people know where you were, but now people have become so reliant on them that they can go only 10 minutes without it. The continued technological innovation of cell phones every year hooks the users, causing even more devotion towards them. Phones now let people read, watch television, text, call, facetime, play games, find somewhere to eat, do homework, use a calculator, and a flashlight. All this is included on one device, and people cannot get enough of these continuous innovations. Many technological advances are great for the economy and people, and even sometimes the innovations are a great thing to help people; however, cell phones also have many adverse effects. Cell phones can lead to many problems, but some very common ones are fewer family time causing many family problems and more stress over work. Helen Lee Lin of Scientific America states, “Today’s multifunctional phones have become an indispensable lifeline to the rest of the world”, showing how the new age of cellphones are taking over. The over use of cell phones can cause an excess of psychological distress resulting in less family satisfaction for both males and…

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