Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

1633 Words May 26th, 2016 null Page
Technology become more and more popular in people’s life. It is very difficult to imagine to live without technology. Especially cell phones or mobile phones are the most popular technology for all of us. Everything has its pros and cons, mobile phones too, has its positives and negatives impacts. For the teenegers who are studied in school, their parents shouldn’t allow them to have cell phones because it brings a lot of negative impact for them. Students uses cell phone will have health issues, receive bad impact on studies and reduce to spend time with people. Using cell phone for a long time will harmful for student’s body. In today’s world, people are spending too much time on their cell phones computer or any other technology. Especially cell phones, people makes it more and more smart and more and more useful than before. And it is easy to carry. So it is become popular in the everyone life, almost everyone were having a phone. If their phones were not somewhere near them, they think they were missing something. They are dependent on the phone. It show us the phone is becoming more and more important in our life but it is also causing a lot of hidden crisis. In the article ” 5 Reasons Why Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health”, Lizette Borreli barely told us that cell phones are the one of the fundamental means of communication in society and will cause 5 different healthy issues. It will

bring you negatively affects emotions, increases stress levels, increases risk…

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