Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

1477 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 6 Pages
Technology has not too long begun to advance, cell phones surfaced in the 1940s and computers were making way in the market around the 1970s. These devices allowed way for easier communication over time; people no longer need to call an individual to make plans or to exchange ideas. Today cell phones, tablets and computers are essential to the majority individuals in society. According to Dr. Dale from Psychology today, 56% of Americans own a cell phone and 20% claim to use their cell phones while sexually interacting with their partners (Dale, Psychology today). The invariable urge to use cell phones relentlessly over the period of the day reflects an addiction. Similar to drug users, cell phone users have a release of dopamine in the brain when they have successfully sent an email or text. This is a sign of cell phone addiction that most individuals are aware of; however, they fail to do anything about it because of the mere fact that they see no unhealthy effects on their body. However, cell phones and technological addiction is slowly consuming the social lives of individuals, decreasing their health state, and causing kids to start off with early technological addiction which leads mental inabilities. With busy work lives, most individuals spend their days on the electronic devices which they use to communicate imperative information. Technology consumes the mode of communication in which individuals use to exchange important ideas or information. The main issue of…

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