Essay about Cell Phones And Its Effects On People

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Furthermore, increased use of cell phones have been linked to the disability to perform regular functions well. This has been illuminated through a recent study that using a cell phone by talking or texting "preoccupies the brain 's control centers for walking."(Carrico "Cell Phone Use"). This hindrance was further analyzed. The scientists took a small sample of people and showed them a target "located 8 meters in front of them on the floor. Blindfolded, they were asked to walk to the target and each trial was timed. A week later the same participants performed this task with all vision obstructed except the view of a cell phone." The group was split into three allocations: one that made the walk blindfolded, another that did it while texting, and another that did it while talking on the phone. The results showed that the people using the phone were significantly slower than those that were blindfolded. This is extremely telling of cell phones ' affects on people. Clearly, cell phone use can inhibit normal brain functions as well as one 's ability for multitasking, which can unfortunately extend to even worse cases, such as driving. As Carrico declares, "it 's important to acknowledge that cell phone use can inhibit normal brain functions. If a cell phone can impact your natural ability to walk, imagine how this use affects one 's ability to drive a car."("Cell Phone Use"). Although this type of statement is one that a teenager or young adult could interpret as being…

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