Essay Cell Phones And Its Effects On Children

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Cell Phone Overdose
While the effects of human interaction increase, so do the consequences of psychosocial risks. These include things such as an overwhelming amount of stress, particularly in teens, along with an inability to keep work and home separated, and could possibly present a negative relationship with others (Sansone). In support of these impressions, several studies were done that have proved the risks of cell phones. From the various research done, we can conclude that cell phones are leading to overstimulation and are causing a disruption in sleep. A study of 1,656 Belgium school children revealed that “participants who used a cell phone more than once a week were 5.1 times more likely to be tired” and this is a direct correlation to the use of cell phones. This addictive use of cell phones is beginning to cause several complications with parents and their children, conflict at school, and a need for a greater satisfaction than before (Sansone). As an example of interference with school, a study was done to see if grade point average correlates with reduced learning outcomes. The answer is yes with evidence of students with no cell phone use during class having higher grades than the students who did use their phones during class (Duncan). These studies also proved that excessive users were at risk of having depression, more stress, and not as much confidence (Sansone). The combination of these social factors and the effects it causes on people’s thoughts and…

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