Essay on Cell Phones And Its Effect On The World

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When the first cell phone was unattached from a car or a bag, people went crazy. That was in the early 1990s, when everything in the world of communication changed. In 1998, a newspaper had released an advertisement about selling a cell phone. The deal was happening around mother 's day, therefore, they had a mother 's day special; if you buy one phone, you get a free bouquet of flowers (Deseret News). This simple newspaper advertisement was essential for starting the cell phone business, and luckily, it helped. Cell phones have existed for around twenty years, and in those years, it has flipped our world into a different place. Today, when a new phone comes out on the market, within a couple of hours thousands of people have already purchased “the best new thing.” For example, when Apple introduced their new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, they sold over thirteen million phones within three days (Mayo). Over time, these cell phone demands made pricing and technological advancements evolve from 1998, which has undoubtedly changed our communicative lifestyles. Due to supply and demands, after about twenty years, the prices of phones and phone plans have lowered. In 1998, AT&T developed the first cell phone plan. This plan was tracked by how long you talked on the phone, which averaged out to be about eleven cents per minute (Hasenstab). On top of paying almost $150 per month for talking minutes, a consumer had to buy the phone (Hasenstab). Just one phone of the Nokia…

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