Essay on Cell Phones And Its Effect On The World

1034 Words Sep 6th, 2015 5 Pages
A cell phones is a telephone that does not have wires, and operate by radio waves. The small compact portable device similar to the house phone, but portable. Cell phones is a smart new technology used in various ways to communicate. Cell phone itself has broaden the world with its high-speed communication, it enables users to travel the world , keep in contact with friends, and families, share fun moments like pictures, and videos, FaceTime, email, special hand control features, color screen, and downloadable apps. In the early 70’s cell phone was first introduced into the world as a satellite portable device. The small compact compass satellite works like any other cell phone, but is completely different from the other brand of cell phones. The satellite phone was more of a personal compass. The satellite phone itself had various cool features, but nothing like the phones in today world. The satellite phone has GPS coordinates, great for finding your way around, the satellite phone has a programmable emergency button, and stowed antenna. The satellite device also offers rigged restiant, which is very important, the cell phones today does not automatically come with a rigged restiant shock that help your phone through any tough outcomes. With its water resistant, shock, and dust protection the satellite phone can handle anything. With the Satellite phones being the most popular thing in the late 70’s, later in the 80’s marketers introduce the Motorola brick phone to the…

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