Cell Phones And Its Effect On Children Essay example

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Cell phones are extremely beneficial to the world to bring communication from far away countries. what if they could be used more than just texting, calling or mindlessly searching the internet. “A recent survey indicated that 68% of students in grades 6-12 bring cell phones with them to school on a regular basis. Most high schools set some sort of policies regarding the use of cell phones on their premises. Some ban phones altogether” (Source *). Kids these days keep getting cell phones younger and younger so their parents can keep track of them. Students could also use them as a planner to help keep their plans and dates together for the day. It could tell them when a homework assignment is due or what extra curricular activities they have after school to help balance them and other plans. Cell phones along with tablets could be used as educational tools, to implement them in the classroom, how it can affect children in a learning environment and non-classroom setting, the positive and negative aspects of cell phone and tablet use in schools, and finally how technology use can influence, educators, students, and parents feelings on the matter.

“A camera equipped phone can be used to take pictures and video related to school projects or develop photo essays. Camera phones can be used to record school events and field trips. They can prove quite useful for assignments involving photographs, particularly anything going to the web. Just snap a shot with your picture phone…

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