Essay on Cell Phones : A Little Girl

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Cell Phones
A little girl that was only two years old saved her mother 's life by using a cell phone to call her grandmother. The little girl 's name is Lia Vega. She saved her mother, Larissa Taylor 's life. One Thursday in October, Larissa fell, and landed in a way that constricted her breathing, Lia used a phone to call her grandma, and tell her that her mom fell down and wouldn’t wake up. Larissa was taken to the hospital and was told that she had multiple seizures due to the fact that she is diabetic and hypoglycemic. The seizures occurred because of her low blood-sugar levels. Larissa says that she never taught Lia how to use a phone, but that Lia would occasionally talk to her grandma on the phone. The doctors told Larissa that if she had been on the floor for ten more minutes she would have died. If Lia wouldn’t have called, her grandmother says that she doesn’t know how long Larissa would have been laying on the ground. The grandmother also says that it’s crazy that children can do something without learning how to. Larissa says that she is very thankful for Lia, and she has been calling her daughter her superhero(¨2-year-old Houston girl uses cell phone to save mother´s life¨).
Cell Phones help people communicate throughout the entire world. An individual can talk to someone across the world in seconds. The cell phone 's operating system has a lot of different steps, but it occurs in a matter of seconds. First, the user 's voice is transformed into an electrical…

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