Essay on Cell Phone While Driving Should Be Banned

742 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
Have you ever used your cell phone while driving? According to research done by AT&T, 70% of drivers use their phones while driving. The use of your cell phone while driving has been a controversial issue for many years and should be solved today. Using any sort of manipulating electronic device, such as a cell phone while driving should be banned all across America for the safety of everyone around us.
Many drivers, across the globe, engage in this practice without contemplating about the potential destructive effects of their actions. Well over 3,000 people died in the United States due to distracted driving. According to, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over half a million people are using their phone at any given point during the day while they drive, it is a common occurrence to see people, while driving, messaging each other from their devices. As a matter of fact, National Safety Council discovered in a survey conducted in 2013 that 1.2 million crashes in North America were caused by people using a phone. Over ⅓ of those crashes were caused by people texting.
There are many options to help bring an end to texting and driving, but in order to do so people need to be considerate and they also need to understand how it can affect and harm them and others around them. Using technology to end this issue is the best and most effective option. There are many companies that are widely available for everyone to utilize. MyKey, which came with all Ford…

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