Cell Phone Use For Public Places Essay

712 Words Jul 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Have you ever stood in line behind someone at the grocery store who stay on their phone the entire time? They never hang up, at times they don’t even acknowledge the cashier who is checking them out. This is an occurrence that happens often. There are people who fail to recognize certain behavior as rude, especially when it comes to using their cell phone. Cell phone use in public places has become a normal part of society. Cell phone users should consider those around when using their phones to avoid being rude, disruptive or dangerous. Cell phones are comparable to carrying around small computers. Not only can you use them to make a call or text, you have the availability to play games, read books, take videos or pictures, and even listen to music all with the touch of a screen. People become consumed in their phones. There was a recent news article about the possibility of installing red and green lights in the corners of sidewalks so that while people are walking and looking down at their phones they won’t walk into traffic. Having a lack of respect for individuals that you encounter in public is considered rude. When you are conducting business in person and are on your cell phone any time at all while expecting service it is extremely rude. The customer service that you receive when you are talking on the phone is not the level of customer service you would receive if you were being respectful of the individual that is assisting you. It becomes very frustrating when…

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