Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Tumor Or Cancer? Essay

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Does Radiation From Cell Phone Use Cause Brain Tumor or Cancer? Millions of subscribers use the cellular phones for personal, business, and emergency use. However, how safe are they? Researcher Lloyd Burrell points out, “Cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation” (1). Although the exposure of radiation from the cell phone goes through our body, there have been studies that it can cause tumors or cancer. The radio-frequency of its antenna is what is needed for its function. Studies find that radiation, which goes through the body can cause harm. In contrast, because of low frequency, scientist believes that there is no scientific evidence that proves that cell phones are harmful (Can You Hear Me Now?). There is mixed evidence whether cell phone causes brain tumor and cancer. Most of the technology today like, the cars we drive to many household items in our home, emits low radiation. Mobile phones radiation releases its power from and to the cell towers. Can You Hear Me Now? writes, “RF waves to its antenna from cell towers when you make a call, text or use data” (2). Also, Tamar Nordenberg emphasizes, “FDA can regulate these devices to ensure that the radiation doesn’t pose a health hazard to users” (18). The electrical objects is not dangerous to our well-being while holding the device close to the head.. Nordenberg adds, “The radiation produced is in the form of non-ionizing radio frequency (RF) energy. This RF energy is different from the ionizing radiation…

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