Cell Phone Use And Impaired Driving Essay

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In the article, A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver, researchers are attempting to find a causal link between using cell phone use and impaired driving. They do this by testing if the the condition of the driver affects driving performance. The condition of the driver is there independent variable. Researcher’s operationalized the independent variable by creating a control, distracting participants by talking to them on a cell phone and giving the participants alcohol to drink so they could under the influence of alcohol (p. 382).

To test the hypothesis, participants carried on a casual conversation with a research assistant that was engaging and unique to the participant to measure the effects of cell phone distraction while driving. For driving under the influence of alcohol participants consumed a mixture of orange juice and vodka until they achieved a blood alcohol level of .08 percent (p. 384-385).

The primary dependent variable was how impaired the drivers were during the simulation. Researchers were able to operationalize the dependent variable by recording the total number of accidents, break reaction time, maximum braking force, speed, mean following distance, standard deviation following distance, time to collision, time to collisions less than 4 seconds and half recovery time. The total numbers of accidents were counted for each independent variable. The break reaction time was recorded in milliseconds, the maximum breaking force was the…

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