Essay about Cell Phone Usage While Driving

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Cell phone usage while driving is a common occurrence in today 's society. Unfortunately, it often has a negative impact on drivers using phones and those surrounding them. Because of the growing popularity of cellular devices in modern society, the urge for the public to use their phones frequently is severe. In a satirical article titled, “Car Phone Safety: Scream “AAHH!” Before Impact.” and a more straightforward article titled, “Does Cell Phone Usage Lead to Car Accidents?” the urgency of this issue is expressed, though differing in writing style and effectiveness, both get the point across: Cell phone usage whilst driving is detrimental to those driving and also to those driving among them. The satirical article is more dramatic and memorable, causing a lasting impression to be made: therefore the satirical article is more effective. While the articles seem to be written to differing audiences; one an audience that would like to acquire quick factual information, the other that needs to have their attention kept because of so much fast- paced media in their daily lives; the satirical is much more effective than the other article. This is because the modern day reader needs to have his or her attention caught and kept, and must be impactful and memorable. A momentary laugh may sometimes have a long term effect, which could have potential to influence future actions.
The strongest attention getter in the satirical article is a picture of a man talking on his cell…

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