Cell Phone Usage And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

1057 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Cell phone usage started in 1973. Motorola was the first company to invent cell phone. They produced first cell phone which was connected with the cars. At that time, People were using car cell phone primarily for business. After 1973. Companies started upgrading cell phone technologies in the past 40 years. Cell phone technologies have a variety of options Internet to use. The use of google maps, which people use to find addresses, how many mileage people need to drive to where they want to go? Video chats, person can use to make a video call where he can see the person he is talking to. Bookstore app, with the cell phone, people can download any book they want and save to their phones, not like the old days when a person want to buy a book, they have to go to the bookstore. Therefore, everybody should depend on using the cell phone in their daily life, because it makes it easier to connect with families, friends, and what is happening around the world.
The first advantage of people who use cell phones are that they are able to communicate with their families, and friends and for work. Fifty years ago people didn’t have the privilege of using a cell phone, so whenever they wanted to communicate with their family and friends who lived in different places, they had to find different way to communicate with them. For example they would either write a letter to or they would record their voice on a cassette, and the reply would take days or months even. Compare to these days…

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