Cell Phone Effect Essay

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Effects of Cell Phones
Everybody knows how technology has changed our lives and made it easier than before. One of the most important technologies is a cell phone. Cell phones have made our lifestyle completely different. In the past, there were difficulties in communicating with people who live in far away places. Knowing our friends news is one of the many benefits of cell phone. People can’t ignore that there are many negative effects that have developed time by time during the use of cell phones. Cell phones let us communicate with other people very easy and provide entertainment. However, the use of cell phones while people are driving increases the chance of car accidents.
Communication is the most important benefit of cell phones. People
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During emergency situations, cell phones can provide help and driver can make emergency calls, even reporting any dangerous scenario such as roadside accidents. Also, through cell phones a driver can locate the desired route. In fact, Vodafone Company makes a very perfect advertisement regarding to this problem, which is using the phone while driving. It describes that using the phone while driving is a very dangerous and illegal. Moreover, the advertisement gives an advice that all people must follow it when they are driving. It says that when someone has a call he/she must pull over to the side of a road, or switch it off when driving. Indeed, Many people don’t realize how dangerous using a cell phones while they driving a car. A person is less focused when heshe is driving and using a phone at the same time. Here is an example that happened to my cousin. He almost lost his car; he got in a very dangerous accident. In fact, it was close to losing him. Because of what? He was writing a text message to his friend while driving. Although the driver has to pay attention when he/she is driving, but some people are using their phones and this is a big problem. Using the cell phone is a very dangerous activity because it puts the life of others at risk. It doesn 't matter how well people can drive, if another driver is not being attention or professional or as careful, especially …show more content…
Many people now have iPhones, Samsung, and BlackBerry or any kind of other new smart phones. Indeed, when they think about buying a new phone, they are looking for phone, which has Internet so they can check their emails everyday. The second thing is a good camera. People like to take a lot of pictures and send them to their friends or families. Some people like to take photos while they are shopping to get some advice or suggestions. With smart phones the life will be much easier and more interesting. In addition, some kinds of cell phones provide games and people can play in their free time. For example, people playing games with their phones in waiting rooms and even in hospitals, this will present that how phones are part of their life and they can’t leave it. Although we have to pay attention when we are driving, but some people are using their phones. And this is a big

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