Positive And Negative Impact Of Cell Phones

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Currently, the majority of Americans have cell phones and the use of cell phones for work purposes is becoming more common. The introduction of the cell phone into the United States has greatly connected members of this population to other people and information through phone calls, emails, and the internet. This new connectedness means that people can be reached at anytime and anywhere cellular service is available. The impact of cell phones used for business in the United States has been both positive and negative. The aim of this paper is to discuss the positive and negative impacts of cell phones used for business in the United States. I will then present ways in which the employee can utilize the advantages of cell phones to excel in their business while minimizing the disadvantages.
Using a cellular device for business offers many advantages that make the workplace more efficient. First, it offers the convenience of a fast response. A fast response time is beneficial for business because it allows for forward progression and better efficiency within
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First, employees should disconnect from their phone whenever possible after working hours. Simply turn it off. If possible, one may want to have two cellular devices. This way they can still remain in contact with family and friends while limiting contact with business personnel. Additionally, employees should minimize the amount of excess applications they have on their business phone that could stand as a form of distraction. Games, social media, and music applications are not essential programs that employees need access to throughout their working day. Lastly, users of mobile devices need to be smart. Do not conduct activities that will make driving conditions more dangerously. If needed, use a wireless headset to ensure all precautions are taken to maximize

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