Essay about Cell Phone And Cell Phones

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The question is not whether or whether not you will buy a cell phone plan; cell phone companies make a safe assumption most Americans will. In this day in age cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives. With such a significant importance placed on cell phones, what comes along with this need is to chose a cell phone company. Cell phone companies know a majority of people will inevitability end up buying a cell phone plan to satisfy their need and they want their audience to chose them. They are aware it is crucial to impress the audience and differentiate their company from the others. I decided to use the Verizon and T Mobile advertisements because they are two of the most influential cell phone companies in the world. Each company spends a numerous amount of money marketing their products through a variety of medias. I wanted to compare the effectiveness of each advertisement due to the fact their target demographics often overflap. After studying the two advertisements I found the Verizon commercial to be the most effective while the T Mobile billboard had an absence in regard to the appeal. For my analysis of these two advertisements I will inspect the aspects of the purpose, the audience, and the pathos.
A white T Mobile billboard features a smiling woman in a red and white graphic print dress. The young woman has long brown hair and bright red lipstick,she also appears to be ranging between the ages of 25-35. The young woman has is a hot pink square with…

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