Cell Addiction Is Destroying Human Interactions Essay example

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Technology has been advancing little by little. Every time it advances something new comes out. It has positive outcomes as well as negative outcomes. Cellphone addiction is destroying human interactions. We don’t’ communicate by talking anymore, we use technology to communicate. When technology wasn’t around, we would wait weeks to get a response from the person we wanted to talk to. “Remember when people communicated with Europe by letter and it took a couple of weeks to get a reply?” (Goldberger, 236). Now, we just take out our smartphones or any technology we have to talk to that person. It only takes a few seconds to get the respond. “Faxes and computers and e-mails because of its ability to intrude into every moment in every possible place” (Goldberger, 236). When technology wasn’t advanced as it is now we would talk face to face; people don’t even meet up somewhere and catch up on topics or even ask them how are they doing? Goldberger said, “Cellphones has changed our sense of place" (236). Social media has taken one of our biggest human interaction. Social media has many things you can do. Even university’s use technology for their incoming freshman to their campus. It’s weird how the schools use technology as much as we do. They have apps where they can help the students find their dorm room and even find out ahead of time who are their roommates. “He installed Yale-specific apps on his phone that provides information about when the washers and dryers in the…

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