Celileritas Corporation Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… o Lloyd was getting most of the blame because all the rest of the divisions were connected, working together and were to do more with numbers whereas Marketing & Sales division works with clients. Due to lack of communication between marketing & sales department and R&D, a lot of promises were being made where one could not deliver, inevitable affecting firms sales growth. o The motivation of the managers dropped because past behavior of their colleagues, they were already expecting other divisions to miss deadlines therefore, each division with the same thought would not strive to give their best and end up blaming each other at the end of the day. Motivation within the organization is very crucial since its directly correlated with work output.

• Inconsistent decision making o Instead of coordinating together amongst the division, individual SVP’s would go up to the CEO with new propositions and ideas without the approval of other divisions. This creates mistrust and decision-makings without any calculations and preparations, which leads to disappointments from both within the organizations and
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Its clear that Boyer has an authoritative leadership style, where he makes the final decision-makings, the final decision are made solely through information, gut feeling and vision. The decisions are not even consulted with VP’s. Therefore, the SVP’s and VP’s have lost trust in the leader are becoming aware of his insufficient of leadership skills or wrong use of leadership style. An effective leader must be able to share ideas and listen to opinions of his subordinates to make final decision’s.
By changing his leadership style to more Democratic, this would:
• Show VP’s and SVP’s an acknowledgement of finding the real issue in the firm’s organization which is one of the traits of an effective leader
• Allow SVP’s to intervene and share their insights on the firms major decisions which brings out motivation and encouragement to pursue a common goal.
• Would allow much more coordination amongst divisions and make their goals emerge to one single organizational goal.
The VP’s should give some time frame and then analyzes results before and after the implementation of the course of action to see if the change of leadership style of Boyer has improved the firm’s productivity. The results should give another two

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