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Mclaurin, Celia, A Slave. New York: Avon Books, 1991. Celia, A Slave describes the hardships and trials about a slave named Celia. She is 14 years old and is owned by Robert Newsom, a wealthy white man and his family. When Celia arrives she already knows how to cook and clean. Celia works under the supervision of Virginia and Mary, who are Newsom’s daughters. Robert Newsom already owns five slaves before journeying to Audrain County in the summer of 1850 to purchase Celia. Robert Newsom decides that he is going to be wealthy so he decides to move his family out of Virginia. This move for Newsom was “the promise of a better life that lends him and his family to Callaway County in Missouri” (p.2). When Newsom and his family arrive in …show more content…
Celia and George fall in love and at nights George visits Celia and stays a couple of hours or stays all night. Celia becomes pregnant and George is very envious because they are not sure if the baby is George’s or Newsom’s. George becomes furious and demands Celia find a way from getting exploited by Newsom. Slaves in the 18th century did not have rights as far as how their masters treated them. Missouri law stated that it was a crime to take a woman by force. This law did not apply to slaves and therefore Robert Newsom could whatever he chose to do and he continues to rape Celia. Celia does not want to lose George but she wants Newsom to stop raping her. She goes to Virginia and Mary to seek their help in stopping Newsom from raping her while she is pregnant. She does not tell the women she is pregnant but tells them she is sick. Celia mentions to the daughters that if Newsom does not stop she will hurt him. On June 23, 1855, Newsom walks to Celia’s cabin were he plans to sexually assault her. When he arrives at the cabin, Celia strikes him in the head and he falls to the ground. She had intended to scare him but instead she has killed her master. A petrified Celia realizes she what she has done and has to think quickly because she knows his family will be looking for him. Celia decides to dispose of Newsom’s body by burning his remains in the fireplace. The daughters are worried and set out to search for their

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