Celia, a Slave Essay

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Celia, a Slave is the epitome of the relationship between slaves and their owners and also the slaves and other whites in the 1850’s. This is based on her interactions with her owner Robert Newsom and her reactions mainly with the community involved in her court case. These relationships affected more so the women slaves rather than the men slaves because of their weaker nature as perceived by the sexual differences of the time period between men and women in general. Slavery is questioned by the morals of the Northerners and some Southerners though it is common in the South so most Southerners reinforce the ideas of slavery with their own morals, believing slaves as meaningless because of their difference. Celia was bought by Robert …show more content…
After the sentence was made, Judge Hall was asked to stay the execution until an appeal to the Missouri Supreme Court was made, he promptly refused this. Another representation of support of slaves in the south is that on November 11th when it looked as though the Supreme Court would not respond to the appeal, supporters of Celia took drastic measures and that night Celia escaped from prison, not being recaptured until after the set date of the execution. Having missed the previous execution, the new date of December 21st was set so December 6th Jameson again sent a letter to the Missouri Supreme Court asking for a stay of execution until the case could be heard, to which on December 14th they ruled that there was no probable cause for the appeal, and refused the stay of execution, allowing Celia to be executed on December 21st. On Saturday, June 23, Celia confronted her master directly, asking him to leave her alone. He ignored her request and told her he would visit her cabin that evening. This shows the lack of power and influence of the woman slave, leaving her helpless, whereas a black male slave could have told a woman to stop making advances on him and she would stop out of fear. That night, Robert came as promised and Celia, failing to halt his advances with words, took matters into her own hands to forcefully stop her master from making advances on her and swung a large wooden stick. The first blow was not enough as he staggered back

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