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Celebrities today are constantly seen on the news, in the tabloids, or even on social media websites. We as a culture focus on them and analyze every single move they make. Their lives are no longer private, but instead blasted everywhere for everyone to see. Ty Burr brings up the excellent question of why do we obsess over these human beings; why do we portray them in a Godly light? We as a society look to these people, not because of who they are, but rather what they have and the distraction they provide us.
Celebrities are the best versions of ourselves, we obsess over them because we want what they have. Ty Burr states, “We have built the mirror we always dreamed about, and we cannot look away.” In this he is telling us that we look to
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According to the Huffington Post, “It can also be argued that celebrity obsession is merely escapism. In fact, these are the things that professionals, including doctors, lawyers, politicians and judges, sheepishly tell me: “I watch the Kardashians to decompress.”” We see here that although people may not obsess over celebrities and constantly engage themselves in what they do, they still pay some attention because it allows them a distraction from their own lives. Psychology Today even believes that the focus we have on celebrities and their lives provides us an escape from death. Everybody is aware that death is inevitable, but by allowing themselves to be consumed by the glitz and glam of fame they somehow feel validated and as if their lives matter. By allowing themselves to be distracted, the harsh blow of death is lessened and the sting is taken off. People may not obsess over celebrities like some people do, but they do use them as an escape from reality. Just as there are different levels of obsession there are also different types of …show more content…
We watch them because we desire what they have and we hate that they have it. We gaze at them because we see them as better versions of ourselves. We have shaped the media to create a perfect mirror, and as a result have trapped ourselves in a constant loop of staring into the glass unable to break our gaze. Whether the obsession is because we are jealous and greedy or because we are using them as an escape, it still stands that celebrities are constantly in the light. We do not care for who these people are because to us they are just Gods that live among us, a distraction from reality, and an addiction we cannot break free

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