Celebrity Informative Speech

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General Purpose: To Entertain
Reason for Award: His passion for giving back to the community is his greatest accomplishment.
Specific Purpose: To show ways that it is possible to make a difference.
Central Idea(Thesis): While performing in and out of his WWE Wrestling and acting career, tonight’s recipient has impacted the lives of many.
Organizational Pattern: Topical
A. (Attention-getter) Ask yourself, why do we look at celebrities as role models? Tonight, I would like to talk about a celebrity who has given of himself to the community.
B. (Reveal Topic) Certainly, all of us look up to someone and we have our own story to tell, but tonight, we are here to honor a person by presenting them with the Sports Humanitarian
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A notable athlete who has recently won this award was Tamika Catchings (WNBA) in 2015.
1. She received a $75,000 grant for her Catch the Stars Foundation,
2. which helps teach girls about embracing their differences, building self-esteem and overcoming obstacles (Bulls, Tamika Catchings). Transition: Next, I would like to discuss how he has made inspiring contributions, which evidently has helped transformed society, which ultimately made him this remarkable role model that he is today.
B. One of the biggest ways that he has contributed is through the Make-a-Wish foundation.
1. During this past year, he closed in on his 500th Make-a-Wish – which is most out of any celebrity.
2. In order to relive history that was made, please take a look at this memorable video from WWE Community.
Transition: After seeing this video, we saw the person who will be given this award named John Cena from showing his courageous character by allowing others to see who he is as a real person outside his professional acting and WWE wrestling career.

Transition: Lastly, there is other significant reasons beyond what makes him become unique.
B. John Cena uses his own slogans as an inspiration technique for others as an incentive to continue their

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