Celebrity Collaborations On The Fashion Industry Essay

1808 Words Dec 12th, 2016 8 Pages
This case aims to offer a better understanding of celebrity collaborations in the fashion industry; specifically, strategic partnerships between well-known celebrities and cosmetics brands will be examined in-depth. The approach taken comprised of a thorough analysis, as well as, reviews of timely and relevant strategic collaborations found in the literature and empirical findings in past collaborations. Qualitative research and secondary data was collected to create this report. The findings of this research suggest that there are positive outcomes in these types of collaborations. Another important finding of this research is that such collaborations are not common, and not enough stakeholders and investors are taking advantage of them. The research presented offers critical social implications for scholars and practitioners, as well as future avenues for research in graduate studies and those interested in the contents and strategic tactics of actors in the fashion industry.

In today 's digital age, celebrity collaborations are a growing trend – especially in the beauty industry. While there are many concepts based upon celebrity collaboration initiatives, this paper will analyze the notion that brands that team up with a celebrity philanthropist will receive higher market share. The purpose of this paper will answer the question, “to…

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