Essay Celebrity Bad Influence

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Can you imagine what our society would be like without celebrities? Celebrities are a big factor that help shape today’s world. We turn on the television, read articles on the internet, books, and even magazines which inform us what a celebrity was wearing when they walked the red carpet. The simple fact is that celebrities are highly profiled in the media. We follow their everyday life, struggles, and moments of sadness they may encounter. Let’s face it, the information we discover about these celebrities causes us to take into consideration their life of glamour, which can ultimately lead to seeing these people as role models. In the article, “The Dangers of Celebrities,” John Idolmann states that celebrities are negative role models …show more content…
Is there anything missing from your life that you could better use that time to fill…” Basically, the time being spent on following a favorite celebrity can be interfering with one’s personal life and can bring worries that do not concern that person whatsoever. It can lead the person to become antisocial because they seclude themselves away from everyone by following stars on Twitter, reading ridiculous articles online about their favorite celebrities to see what is happening in that celebrities life . The time being wasted looking for celebrity gossip can be put to better use to suit that person in a positive manner and eliminate celebrity nonsense. Worrying too much about celebrities more than yourself can actually be a crisis because in that time being spent on something useless can be spent with your friends or other extracurricular activities and ought to be focusing more on your own future than celebrities. Being on top of celebrities actions can be a waste of time because it has nothing to do with anyone except that celebrities own self. As a beautiful, admiring star emerges, kids can only see what is on the outside so they cannot see what is really on the inside of that celebrity. For instance, take the Dove Revolution commercial, they bring in an ugly woman who looks like she did her share of drugs and they transformed her into a beautiful human being. It all happened with details and photo shopping. The details they used

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