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Celcom has the widest network in Malaysia, covering 95% and 85% of the population with its 2G and 3G networks respectively. With its approximately 1500 LTE sites, Celcom continues to invest in network coverage, capacity and performance to maintain its technology leadership and position as the country’s best mobile service provider whilst looking to drive differentiation based on a superior network and exceptional mobile data and internet experience.

Celcom is also a pioneer in industry leading partnerships which include Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as well as domestic and international roaming. Celcom currently has six MVNO partners that provide additional channels to the market, covering niche segments with strong growth potential. With the strong support from Celcom, MVNOs are performing extremely well and have captured a majority of the MVNO market share.

Celcom’s long standing partnerships with local and global operators have resulted in economies of scale, optimised network coverage and unrivalled mobile experience for its customers. Celcom subscribers today enjoy roaming services in over 200 countries via over 550 network partners. As part of the Axiata Group, its customers also enjoy great rates and consistent experience whilst roaming.
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