Cedars Sinai And City Of Hope Comparison

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Register to read the introduction… However, it must be pointed out that the numerous other hospitals and research centers in the city have not achieved the recognition that these two have. Cedars-Sinai is positioned as the hospital to the stars, and the City of Hope is positioned as a breakthrough research hospital with superior scientific and research capabilities and achievements. Both Cedars-Sinai and the City of Hope are differentiated by their celebrity associations, Cedars-Sinai by virtue of the many celebrities that are treated or on the hospital board and the City of Hope by the many celebrity endorsements and benefits. Patients at Cedars-Sinai can well expect to see a Hollywood celebrity in the next hall or the next room and patients at the City of Hope can expect to be provided comprehensive treatment of the highest quality as evidenced by NCI endorsement. Both hospitals are regarded as excellent health care organizations that use modern medical technology and processes and both have been acclaimed on several levels by a number of authorities. The one attribute that they have in common most strongly is their high visibility due to their celebrity associations. Celebrity endorsements carry much weight, but their actual admittance to Cedars-Sinai is the best endorsement. If they—who can afford the best doctors—are willing to entrust their lives to the staff at Cedars-Sinai, that is a tremendous incentive for the average individual trying to choose from among Los Angeles’ many hospitals to choose Cedars-Sinai. Thus, of the two hospitals, Cedars-Sinai has both the greater visibility and the better positioning and …show more content…
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