Cda Post Industrial Essay

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Could work be more satisfying, participatory, and challenging? Is work reform possible? I believe the answer is yes to both questions, however to achieve those goals there has to be collaboration from all parties involved. This essay will depict the parties that are involved in the process, their roles and responsibilities, and the reasons why Canadian labour is in need of reform.

First of all, let’s look at the reasons why our current labour market is in need of reform. To do this we must look at the reasons exemplified from both sides of the equation; the employer side and the employee side. Employees have two important desires; to possess both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards can be easily identified
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My manager once told me that statistics show that during any organizational change, you will see 80% acceptance, and 20% opposition. The 20% are the people who need more management coaching to the change, they need more empathy from the manager and they need to believe that change is possible; in the long term it will better the organization and themselves. It can be difficult to change someone’s mind, however with the right coaching and education it’s possible. This essay will focus on organizational change by providing examples from the text book, as well from my personal work environment. It will also examine the parties that are involved in the change, their motives for the change and the long term goals.

Richard Sennett alluded to an intrinsic reward when he spoke of Rico’s “fear of lacking control” (p 19) in his article named “Drift”. To add to this discussion, another way to understand what workers want is more balance between work and family. The newest shift in worker’s attitudes, as reported by Duxbury and Higgins (2001), “family is becoming before work”. (p 142 commentary). Especially for women, this is most important and needs to be addressed when discussing work reform. Both sides need to pay attention to this point in order for work reform to succeed. Employees because “work strains take their toll on families”, the more work spills in family, the worse the problem becomes”, and “work strains take a serious toll on mental

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