Cctv Essay

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Technology Improvements in Surveillance: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Its Effects on Society Oftentimes when people talk about surveillance we naturally think of cameras on the corner of a street or the camera installed by the entrance of a bank. Surveillance is much more in-depth and diverse than that. Surveillance is the act of monitoring the activity of a person or a group of people in a given location for the purpose of gathering information that can be used for the purpose of directing, influencing, managing, or protecting them. Surveillance can be used by individuals, companies, or government agencies as a form of deterrent to crime and evidence for convicting criminals or solving a civil case. There are different forms of …show more content…
This event will forever change not only our surveillance methods but the entire security industry. Traditionally, both internal and external surveillance is done by patrolling security personnel who observe for any form of criminal activity. The idea of surveying public places by the government started in the United Kingdom for the purpose of deterring criminal activities and making their environs safe and secure. The most debated theories of the CCTV is the effect of CCTV upon behavior, CCTV as a deterrent against criminal activity, and perceptions of the impact of CCTV on privacy. When people are aware of the fact that a video surveillance camera is installed at a given location, they tend to be conscious of this fact and endeavor to be on their best possible behavior. Knowing that any illegal activity recorded by the cameras can be used against them in court or as an evidence to punish the perpetrator. These improvement in technology has helped reduced the occurrence of crime, although statistics has not been able to say how many crime has been discourage because of the use of surveillance cameras. Studies on CCTV has been focused mainly on the feelings of safety and not on how people feel about the breech in privacy. People are have more positive remarks to make on safety when it comes to the issue of CCTV. For instance, parents

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