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1. Do Nothing: Just calm down the current situation between the new managers and production department to ensure the continuity of the operations and business. CCC can still generate revenues but with low profit margin. However minority ethnic group will continue to benefit from higher autonomy and power-group culture. They could also continue to resist new change implementation in future. It can be even higher threat if Aziz´s group collectively plans to move to another company for employment suddenly. The contribution of new managers to the business will remain questionable.

2. Move forward with change proposal: Dismiss Aziz and other resisting staff to appoint new production staff. The top management shall communicate clear
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It makes sure that the company´s progress is not affected due to employee´s concerns over job security, satisfaction, engagement and motivation. It makes sure that the management makes proper effort and align the key stakeholders on change implementation i.e. new systems, process and people. This approach ensures the best interests and involvement of all stakeholders, and also supports to achieve the profit margin targets for CCC. While business continuity with change implementation and profit margin improvement is CCC priority for short term, the company finds long term strategy and tactical execution to build diversive and inclusive work culture to eliminate strong sub-groups within the company. Wilson shall learn from this situation, and make sure in future to involve and communicate all the necessary shareholders during review, decision making and change …show more content…
resistance, control and power to build action plan for change management. Considering the CCC´s past work culture, the involvement of top management, Cox and Wilson is first step to communicate CCC´s future vision and changes needed with evidence/facts. Cox and Wilson needs to make sure cross functional team alignment before letting the new managers in accounting and administration to collaborate with production department for execution. This will ease the tension created in production floor and make them realize that ´the outsiders´ aren´t taking over the administration and decision making control to build their own empire. The clear communication of CCC´s strategy from management team will motivate the employees to support the new initiatives and involve better. The management needs to assure any further support on investments and resources. The objective trade-off between the cost efficiency i.e. profit margin, and operational efficiency i.e. on time delivery and quality, needs to established and clarified to production and accounting teams. Since the new systems will greatly affect production floor´s day to day operation, so the transition efforts and complexity shall be understood very well and aligned with Aziz´s team. Then the detail project plan with commitment from each stakeholder shall be created to implement the changes smoothly over the next 6 months. The implementation can be planned in 3

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