Causes Respiratory And Metabolic Diseases Essay

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Assignment 8 There are many different part in the body and diseases. Also, many different treatments for diseases. Also, there are many bad side effects these treatments and medication cause people to get sick. There are many different diseases. In this paper, I am going to research about respiratory and metabolic. There two type respiratorys that I am going to research respiratory acidosis and respiratory alkalemic. There also two types of metabolic that I am going to research metabolic alkalemic and metabolic acidosis. I am researching POCO2, HCO2, and PH on respiratory and metabolic. Also, I am going to research what causes respiratory and metabolic diseases. I am going to research how respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalemic, metabolic acidosis, and metabolic alkalemic. Also, I am research what treatments and medication that can help treat repiratory and metabolic diseases In the PCO2 in the respiratory acidosis is when the blood has too much acidic. Also the abnormal for when the PCO2 the blood is 45 mmHg. Also, the carbon dioxide is low in the blood Respiratory acidosis is where the lungs cannot remove carbon dioxide that the body make. In respiratory alkalemic is a low-level cardon dioxide that in the blood. ( Medlineplus, 2014) The PaCO2 in the respriatory alkalemic is where the level is low. Also, it increase the PH level in the respriatory alkalemic. Also, PH, pCO2, HCO3 can use venous blood gas sample instead of arterial blood gas samples. (Medlineplus,…

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